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Brachial Plexus Injury Database This dataset contains data from adults diagnosed with traumatic brachial plexus injury (TBPI). Epidemiological, physical and surgical data were collected through specifically designed questionnaires. 109 in 1 group 2 View
Cerebral Dynamics during the Observation of PLD Depicting Postural Adjustments Cerebral Dynamics during the Observation of Point-Light Displays Depicting Postural Adjustments. Design: We registered the EEG activity of 12 volunteers while they passively watched point light displays (PLD) depicting quiet stable (QB) and an unstable (UB) postural situations and their respective scrambled controls (QS and US). In a pretest, 13 volunteers evaluated the level of stability of our two biological stimuli through a stability scale. 12 in 1 group 1 View
Dataset and metadata of the article "Context tree selection for functional data" It has been repeatedly conjectured that the brain retrieves statistical regularities from stimuli. Here we present a new statistical approach allowing to address this conjecture. This approach is based on a new class of stochastic processes driven by chains with memory of variable length. It leads to a new experimental protocol in which sequences of auditory stimuli generated by a stochastic chain are presented to volunteers while electroencephalographic (EEG) data is recorded from their scalp. A new statistical model selection procedure for functional data is introduced and proved to be consistent. Applied to samples of EEG data collected using our experimental protocol it produces results supporting the conjecture that the brain effectively identifies the structure of the chain generating the sequence of stimuli. 20 in 1 group 1 View
Public TBPI Database TBPI-DB contains data from 170 patients Inclusion: ICD10: S14.3 - Injury of brachial plexus. Data collect: NES registration, Unified Admission Assessment (UAA), Unified Follow-up Assessment, Unified Surgery Assessment (USA) and New Secondary Surgery Assessment (SSA). The questionnaires intend to explore general topics on TBPI considering the literature on the theme and the research team's professional experience in the field. 170 in 1 group 2 View